Your CELTA in 5 weeks with no Blood, Sweat or Tears!

Training on a screen near you has never been so easy!  Online learning has taken over our lives and in the past year, we have trained dozens of teachers experienced and new from around the world!! So far, we have run part time courses, mainly because we believe that intensive courses where you are attendingContinue reading “Your CELTA in 5 weeks with no Blood, Sweat or Tears!”

The CELTA pre-interview

  One of the frequent questions asked by potential candidates directly to us or via social platforms and groups is how to do well on their pre-interview task and what it’s about.  Cambridge loves a name all of its own for things done and this one is no exception! The ‘pre-interview task’ is primarily aContinue reading “The CELTA pre-interview”

CELTA and Technology – With or Without it?

Giulia Forsythe via Compfight In a recent end-of-course evaluation report,  one of our CELTA candidates suggested (complained is perhaps a better word) that her expectations of a higher grade on the CELTA course were not fulfilled because she did not know how to use technology. Had she not been encouraged to use it (by her tutor), sheContinue reading “CELTA and Technology – With or Without it?”