The CELTA interview – a key step in getting accepted

In this post,  I will be looking at the last few steps in the selection process for a CELTA course. To reach that stage, you will have completed and sent an application form back to your chosen centre, and you will have received or downloaded their pre-interview task to complete either over a number ofContinue reading “The CELTA interview – a key step in getting accepted”

Our Online CELTA – about to lift off!

Is the CELTA really fully done online?  The CELTA Online is not really  and truly a fully online course; it is a blended learning programme but as Cambridge Assessment started it with this name, the ‘online’ title  has stayed with us and prevailed although many candidates around the world do not realise that their physical presenceContinue reading “Our Online CELTA – about to lift off!”

Is the CELTA course just for new teachers?

  When the Cambridge CELTA was first created, it was intended as a pre-service course but experience has shown that it is a perfect course for the novice teacher, yes,  but it is also a great course even if you are an experienced teacher who has not had the opportunity to follow a proper trainingContinue reading “Is the CELTA course just for new teachers?”

Our CELTA pass rate remains steady at 100%

You may wonder how that is possible! Of course, we are careful to select candidates who have a good potential for success! Before Each Course We screen them – to find out if they have the required knowledge and ability to analyse language We test them – to see how quickly they can think; ourContinue reading “Our CELTA pass rate remains steady at 100%”

CELTA and Technology – With or Without it?

Giulia Forsythe via Compfight In a recent end-of-course evaluation report,  one of our CELTA candidates suggested (complained is perhaps a better word) that her expectations of a higher grade on the CELTA course were not fulfilled because she did not know how to use technology. Had she not been encouraged to use it (by her tutor), sheContinue reading “CELTA and Technology – With or Without it?”

Doing the CELTA: Do’s and Don’ts

This short guide is by no-means comprehensive, but I do hope it is practical and to-the-point. It is based on my experience as a CELTA trainer, so one might say I have seen the course form the inside J So here goes! What is the CELTA? The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of OtherContinue reading “Doing the CELTA: Do’s and Don’ts”