Cambridge CELTA Fully Online

During the time of lockdowns and restricted travel around the globe, Cambridge English has allowed the CELTA course to be delivered and assessed fully online.  This has created a new demand for courses by both experienced and new or aspiring teachers,  especially teachers who would have otherwise never been able to travel abroad to another location to follow this course.

Important Note

At CELT, we have been running  online courses for several years with synchronous all Modules Cambridge Delta course and, since it was introduced, with asynchronous CELTA courses. 

Our long experience of working online with trainee teachers and using a variety of platforms to deliver content to teachers has shown us that learning and teaching online can be very intense and cannot be maintained for very long hours; this is the reason why we have decided not to offer a 4-week intensive fully online course.

Candidates for these courses are expected to also follow a free preparatory course on the topic of teaching online. This course will be taught by distance and aims to help them learn the tools needed for online teaching so that they begin their teaching assessments on line with confidence and sufficient technical know-how about the tech. 

Part time fully Online Courses

CELTA Course 1

August 2- September 3 20201 (5 week online intensive course)


CELTA Course 2

August 30 – October 30
(10 week part time online course)

CELTA Course 3

October 4 – December 10 30
(10 week part time online course)

Free Teaching Languages Online Course

To help our trainees with online teaching practices in Zoom and similar online classrooms

Designed specifically to help teacher new to teaching online using a platform such as Zoom or similar

Click here to find out more about this free course and how it can help you prepare for online teaching and being assessed teaching online!

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