The CELTA interview – a key step in getting accepted

In this post,  I will be looking at the last few steps in the selection process for a CELTA course. To reach that stage, you will have completed and sent an application form back to your chosen centre, and you will have received or downloaded their pre-interview task to complete either over a number ofContinue reading “The CELTA interview – a key step in getting accepted”

CELTA in Athens @ CELT Athens of course :-)

Some people ask me if we made up the name of the school specifically to echo the name of the Cambridge CELTA. The answer is “No, we did not!” CELT was first established in 1989 by Marisa Constantinides & fellow teacher and teacher trainer Danae Kozanoglou. In 1993, this partnership was dissolved and Marisa ConstantinidesContinue reading “CELTA in Athens @ CELT Athens of course :-)”

Your CELTA online – Training on a screen near you has never been so easy! 

Semi-intensive or part-time – a flexible way to obtain this great qualification Online learning has taken over our lives and in the past year, we have trained dozens of teachers experienced and new from around the world!! So far, we have run part time courses, mainly because we believe that intensive courses where you areContinue reading “Your CELTA online – Training on a screen near you has never been so easy! “

Teaching Assessments Online during the CELTA

In this second blog post contributed by Sara Katsonis, a trainee on the same online/blended CELTA course which was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions, lockdown and inability to complete the teaching practicum part of the course which was under way at the time.  Sara started with tech issues even with simple things likeContinue reading “Teaching Assessments Online during the CELTA”

Why Should Teachers Blog?

Great post full of good ideas on how to get started as a blogger  by Martin Sketchley Last week, I was inducting some new teachers into our school: preparing them for their teaching career for the year ahead. We looked at various areas about teaching: classroom management, get to know you activities, games in the classroom,Continue reading “Why Should Teachers Blog?”

Our Online CELTA – about to lift off!

Is the CELTA really fully done online?  The CELTA Online is not really  and truly a fully online course; it is a blended learning programme but as Cambridge Assessment started it with this name, the ‘online’ title  has stayed with us and prevailed although many candidates around the world do not realise that their physical presenceContinue reading “Our Online CELTA – about to lift off!”

10 Reasons Why You Should Look for a Job in a Summer School

CELT International More and more teachers are considering applying for a teaching job in summer schools in the UK or other countries. But, what does it take for your application to be successful? A quick search through various ads for summer school teachers will show that the only essential qualification for your application to be acceptedContinue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Look for a Job in a Summer School”

New Course Dates for our Cambridge CELTA courses in 2017

2016 was a great year for us. With our CELTA courses growing steadily every year since we first received our Cambridge approvals, it meant that our old centre, the neo-classical building on Academias street where we trained hundreds of students since CELT moved there in 1993, was too small to contain all the training activityContinue reading “New Course Dates for our Cambridge CELTA courses in 2017”