Your CELTA online – Training on a screen near you has never been so easy! 

Semi-intensive or part-time – a flexible way to obtain this great qualification

Online learning has taken over our lives and in the past year, we have trained dozens of teachers experienced and new from around the world!!

So far, we have run part time courses, mainly because we believe that intensive courses where you are attending classes from 9-5 (or even later)  are stressful, counterproductive and can cause serious problems to one’s attention and ability to concentrate.

The long hours on Zoom are truly gruelling! For this reason, we created a semi-intensive course, completed over six weeks instead of the 4-week intensive option, which you can attend more comfortably and which does not require you to be in an online classroom all day every day!

We call it semi-intensive because it has some of the features of an intensive course and some of a less intensive course option. 

Have a read at the next section to see how the course works and I hope you will see why we think it works better for people who prefer to follow the CELTA online. 

Read all about our outstanding team of tutors here

How the 6-week Course works

1. Synchronous – live meetings on Zoom only on two days a week

During the  six weeks of the course, you will need to be available for line online meetings on Zoom on two days a week and this is when you do the following:

Attend live/interactive seminars or tutorials
– Practise teaching with our adult students ( a total of 8 lessons during the six weeks of the course)
– Observe others teach the same students
– Give and receive feedback and suggestions by peers and tutor teaching our adult learners 
– Plan your next lesson with the help of your tutors. 

The two days of attendance may vary from course to course and times can vary, too. Some courses meet in the morning, others in the afternoon or early evening. 

2. Asynchronous study on the Cambridge Platform

The rest of the week involved self-paced study. You can log in any time of the day or night available to you and
     – complete the units on the Cambridge platform
     – write your lesson plans and teaching materials 
     – write your four short assignments on topics relating to content you covered on the course.

On average, you will be required to complete 5 units a week on the Cambridge platform – each unit takes between 1-2 hours to complete by doing all the tasks.

The course is not suited to teachers working full time, as it is still quite demanding and requires study and preparation.   

How the 10- week course works 

An even more relaxed way of completing the course is the 10 week part time course which involves only one day of attendance every week and less time dedicated to studying, lesson preparation and teaching. It is better suited to teachers who are also working at the same time, although enough time must be set aside for planning and studying. 


This is a great opportunity to complete this course without having to travel, quarantine, pay for accommodation and subsistence costs and have the same great results!


Our Gift Course to our online CELTA trainees

Attending a CELTA online requires a certain level of comfort with working online and using online applications and websites for your teaching assessments.

To help candidates who have little or no experience in online teaching or attending course, we offer a free preparation course which we ask trainees to complete one or two weeks before their CELTA .

Attending our  TEACHING LANGUAGES ONLINE course has helped many trainees who feel anxious about using Zoom for teaching by using the form below. 



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I train TEFL teachers at CELT in Athens Greece and online - our main courses are Cambridge CELTA and Delta. I interact with educators from all over the world through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and through blogging

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