Tina tp 1 vocab

From Evernote:

Tina tp 1 vocab


Introduced herslef and asked ss round th eroom to introduced themselves ans say why they rare learning English

Short game taboo? Anyone know?

Invited ss to explain Katerina explained very well

T will give u a picture to describe and the rest will guess

Instructions againfor. Tigrana ndnikos

Quite a lot of ttt

Tigran asked if they shoukd be writing

As a dialogue so ttttt

Ahad to bestooped


Lets start with the boys

T cirrection some peer correction encouraged

Some from the teacher

Teacher echo

Instructions gave an example

Lost 🙂

Gave pictures and told people to hide picture not cheating


Comment good elicitation questions

Winner announced


Todays lesson about idioms

What i s an idiom

Sevasti an expression

T confired


ΤτT butuseful info


Playing the first few lines of a song for ss to guess the idiom

But did not wait for ss to think provided answer herself

Did try to do CCqs

Compared witGreek idiom

Icq ed after ss started and placed in pairs a time limit was given



Showed answers

Asked if ss got it right

T showed interest in ss responses


A few more idioms

Used list for choral repetition but t spoke rather slowly

There was no focus on sound linking an d the meanings of the idioms had not been checked or taught

Swapped two ss positions in pairs

Ss to draw a line to match idiom with its meaning

Remixing of pairs resuskted in. Wo weaker ss working together

T became aware and monitored more closely to help

2.16 allowed one more minute

Dont worry if u dont know all the words

Got ss up to draw lined to show match ups

Helping tigran figure out

Black an blue sevasti and tigran may not have been sure abt the word bruises


Ss to work as individuals and do the gap fill

Monitored andn allowed two more minutes


Checking asnwers t wrote on to of slide

Slidenhad a couple more sentences

Individual repetition of sentences why not all ss

Ss able to read while repeating

Cnsistent praisingof the ss

In pairs to creat eown sentences ising at least four of the expressions we kearnt today

Five minutes

Checked instructions

Ss can use dialogue or story

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