Natasha tp 1 intermediate

From Evernote:

Natasha tp 1 intermediate



T gave ss handout and two minutes ot discuss iirs and come up with a definition of language


Feedback and correction language is vs the language is one of th ess asked

Showed them alternative defitnition.

Task two individually to

Ss to mow complete spidgram indivigualluy with any words that come to mind when they think of the word language – pronunciation

Started taking feednback but changed mind and asked ss to compare

Elciting through mime and gesture


Ss to unfqold paper and work together to work out th emeaning of some of the words and ohrases

3 minutes

Repeated instructions vut did not ask any check questions

T said together!

No monitoring this time


Sevasti t said can u use an example

Started revealing word feedback slide in order but t had said choose!!!


T a bit wooly on her definitions


Pronunciation practice and drilling,ots of correction and modelling


Matching example to words

asked ss to check witheach other if choices ok


Central check

Elicited corrections

Taking answers

Waht was the oroblem

Phraes on the board and t said are they saying the phrases in the same way

A bit erratic

Smoking pron zmokin smokin

Questionayr individually

Asked ss to swap papere

T did all the reporting


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