The Cambridge CELTA course: an overview

Final reflections soon after the end of a CELTA course

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Monday morning and instead of being at CELT Athens for my CELTA course, I am at home, writing this blog post, realizing that the course is over! So… that was it. 4 weeks have passed as if… Anyway, let me not go emotional, here!

What is this CELTA course, though? Well, one may find as many descriptions as s/he might want. I would like to share, though, two things about the course that I didn’t know and I found out while doing the course: The fact that success at the course is a personal and a group work, at the same time.

A Cambridge CELTA course is a personal issue

Obviously, there is enough written as to the structure or the official requirements for the course and I do not wish to recycle information, here. However, I would like to stress as much as possible that the CELTA…

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