CELTA trainees and Edtech – Can it be done???

Living in the era of technological advancements, it only seems rational that technology becomes a vital teaching tool. As it can be defined, technology in education is most simply and comfortably considered as an array of tools that might prove helpful in advancing student learning and aiding the work of the teacher.

samrPhoto Credit: tim.klapdor via Compfight cc

So, what happened during my CELTA course?

Well, while following my CELTA course both of my trainers kept encouraging me to employ different techniques and tools to aid my teaching.

Some of these tools included PowerPoint Presentations and websites that could bring the material of our assigned coursebook to life.

My colleagues and I were also introduced through input sessions and through observation of our “Trainers in action” to various ways of employing educational technology.

I do still remember the comment on one of my TPs regarding a quick quiz that I created using the Smart Notebook 11 App : “Your quiz was fast & furious. It energized your learners and kept them on their toes” – such  positive feedback could stimulate nothing more than a strong desire to learn more things on how to use educational technology.

smart notebook

But I mustn’t  neglect to mention that, even though my Trainers did give me some very strong incentives to use educational technology, they also advised me that moderation in all things is my best friend.

I was not forced to use technology in my lessons but motivated to do so!

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Theodore has been teaching English since 2010. He’s a TKT, CELTA and Diploma in Teacher Training holder. In 2014, he presented for the first time at the 35th Annual International TESOL Greece Convention and presented again with some success in 2015. He’s really keen on further developing himself, and, thus he engages himself in any CPD opportunities.

2 thoughts on “CELTA trainees and Edtech – Can it be done???

  1. Welcome to the blog as a member of the team, Theodore. Very happy to see you here and I should mention that your powerpoint presentations were always absolutely brilliant!!!!

    I hope you like the images I added. The main image contains an acronym that I only recently heard about, and I put it in as I thought it demonstrated the stage you are at – on the upward slope of enlightment, with no undue suffering through the stage of inflated expectations, as your very thoughtful conclusion suggests.

    I shall add the link, in case you are interested in following up 🙂


    Your tutor (no more) 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your warm welcome and kind comments regarding my PPs, Marisa. I am elated to be a member of your CELTA blog family. 😀

    The link, which you have added, redirects to a really informative research and helped me interpet and highly appreciate your wise image selection! 🙂

    Now, as far as the way in which you edited my draft, I have to admit that it is amazing. Thank you! I suppose that I should “look and learn”!!! 😉

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