About the CELTA Course

General facts about the CELTA Certification

Look for any job abroad and you are bound to come across the Cambridge CELTA listed as one of the basic requirements.

There are so many very good reasons for this!

  • The CELTA Certificate is recognised by employers worldwide
  • As a trainee you go through a rigorous selection process
  • Employers know you have been taught how to teach using your coursebook as well as from material you have designed yourself!
  • You have had plenty of opportunities to teach live classses (as opposed to online certificates which do not include teaching practicums)
  • You were taught at a recognised centre by Cambridge approved tutors who have appropriate background and experience
  • Each and every course taught everywhere in the world is inspected and moderated by Cambridge appointed assessors.

How many online cheap TEFL courses do you know that can offer so many guarantees?


Teaching Practice with our own adult learners – multicultural classes are very common

What you need in order to apply and be accepted

Ideally you should:

  • have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
  • be aged 18 or over
  • have a standard of English which will enable you to teach a range of levels including advanced classes

You may still be accepted if you do not have formal qualifications at this level but can demonstrate that you would be likely to complete the course successfully.

How we select course participants

Selection of participants is determined through

  1. a pre-course/pre-interview task which must be completed and sent in before the interview. This task aims to ensure that your language knowledge and skills are of a high enough level to be able to deal with the course successfully as well as to teach adult learners at a range of levels.
  2. a personal interview with the Course Tutor. In cases where a face-to-face interview is not possible, it is acceptable to be interviewed over the phone, Skype, Google Talk or other voice messenger.

Both native and non-native speakers are accepted on the course and both are expected to have a level of education, language awareness and competence in English which will enable them to deal with all aspects of the assessment in a successful way.

Course Offerings

Face-to-Face courses

Part time courses are  offered at least twice during the academic year starting in October and January with sessions on three mornings per week (half-day sessions till 14.00)  or once a week on Saturdays (all-day sessions). We also run occasional evening courses and courses on demand (for example, for the teachers of a particular institution).

A full time 4-week option is offered several times a year in February,May, June, July, August, September, November. Sessions are every day from 10:00 to 18:30.

Online Courses 

The CELTA is also offered as a  blended option (online and face-t0-face) with obligatory attendance of a minimum of two weeks for Teaching Practices and peer observations – an integral part of the CELTA course. You can read more about the structure and organisation of the online CELTA on this page. Do bear in mind that to pass the CELTA, all components of the attendance must be at 100%.

Why you should do your CELTA with us! 

CELT Athens is an Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre for CELTA and DELTA and has been running Cambridge Diploma level courses since 1993. CELT supports trainee teachers in a variety of ways:

  • CELT Athens offers  a free library membership for the duration of the course and 3 moths beyond – our library is one of the best in the field of Engish Language Teaching.
  • Free photocopying of all Teaching practice material as well as Wi-fi access and access to PC’s and the internet.
  • Teaching Practice Classes of adults organised by the centre and available throughout the programme.
  • Lifetime membership to our CELTA resources website where they are able to download great tools, materials and find links for their continued professional development.

The Cambridge CELTA is a demanding but highly rewarding course. During your attendance, you will be following seminars and workshops by  top tutors and teaching our adult classes or observing fellow trainees teach these classes.   The course will equip you with all the basic teaching, planning and design skills you need in order to deal with any teaching problem.

Listen to Ioanna – a new teacher of English who is building a career abroad after completing her course in late 2015.

Maria, on the other hand, is an experienced teacher who consolidated her career by acquiring more confidence and organisation in her teaching and now  working for an international online school.

Cambridge ESOL has published a handbook which includes all the regulations and syllabus of the course. We have included it on the page in case you wish to read it before you apply.


* The Cambridge Syllabus is in pdf format.  Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.

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  1. Hi, Hi, I am currently doing CELTA at RMIT in Melbourne and would like to see the protected videos on your site. What do I need to do to do this?

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