Your CELTA in 5 weeks with no Blood, Sweat or Tears!

Training on a screen near you has never been so easy! 

Online learning has taken over our lives and in the past year, we have trained dozens of teachers experienced and new from around the world!!

So far, we have run part time courses, mainly because we believe that intensive courses where you are attending classes from 9-5 (or even later) are stressful, counterproductive and can cause serious problems to one’s attention and ability to concentrate.. The long hours on Zoom are truly gruelling! For this reason, we created a semi-intensive course for the summer, a 5-week course which you can attend more comfortably and which does not require you to be in an online classroom all day every day! It is a 5-week full time course but without the interminable hours in a Zoom classroom which can truly damage one’s ability to assimilate content. 

Read all about our outstanding team of tutors here

How the Course works

1. Synchronous – live meetings on Zoom only on two days a week

During these five weeks you will need to be available for line online meetings on Zoom on two days a week– Attend live input or tutorials
– Teach one class of adults ( 4 lessons with a lower level class and 4 with a higher level class)
– Observe others teach
– Give and receive feedback and suggestions by peers and tutor teaching our Adult learners from all over the world – trainees observe and teach the same class online!
– Participant in Lesson planning workshops for your next lesso`n

For our upcoming course the days will be Mondays and Thursdays from 16:00-21:00 (Athens time) 14:00-19:00 UK time) we may also be able to run morning sessions for some of our Teaching Practice groups.

2. Asynchronous study on the Cambridge Platform

The rest of the week is flexible regarding when you study as you will be working with the materials on the Cambridge platform – write your lesson plans and teaching materials and four 1000 word assignments on matters relating to content you covered on the course.

On average, you will be required to complete 6 units a week on the Cambridge platform. In other words, you can study any time of day or night you have available!!!!

This is a great opportunity to complete this course over the summer without having to travel, quarantine, pay for accommodation and subsistence costs and have the same great results!

Dates for 5 week intensive courses

  • August 2 – September 3

Dates for 10 week part time courses

Alternatively, you may be interested in completing your CELTA through a ​less intensive ​part time ​course i​later in the summer or fall (lasting 10 weeks)

  • August 30 – October 30
  • October 4 – December 10

​The same benefits including a free Teaching languages online course are included here

Payments ​

​You can pay for the full time in 3 instalments and for the part time in 4 instalments. A discount of 100 euros if offered if you prefer to pay the full amount in advance of the course start.


Attend TEACHING LANGUAGES ONLINE for free and get an extra Certification verifying your skills as an online instructor.

 Get in touch with us now for the 5 week courses – send us an email or send me a message on my personal email 

Published by Marisa Constantinides

I train TEFL teachers at CELT in Athens Greece and online - our main courses are Cambridge CELTA and Delta. I interact with educators from all over the world through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and through blogging

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