I have been Tagged

I’ve been tagged in the Tag-a-Blogger challenge by Marisa Constantinides, so here I go! What are the rules? They are simple: Introduce the person who tagged you. Share 11 random facts about yourself. Answer the 11 questions posed by the blogger who tagged you.  List/tag another 11 bloggers. Put your 11 questions to the bloggersContinue reading “I have been Tagged”

Do Grammar lessons need to be boring?????

Originally posted on MIchelle's engaging Celta blog:
Grammar lessons used to freak me out, literally FREAK me out. Grammar lessons seemed to be the least creative and most rule based lessons we teach.  Not so in the end.  Teaching Grammar forced me to look more creatively at how best to meet my learners needs and…

My favorite activity on the CELTA course – a successful lead in activity

A successful lead in activity A lead-in stage is  the first stage of any lesson and one of the first and  really basic  tools for an efficient and successful learning experience. With the right lead-in, students will be motivated and become more interested in the lesson. It is usually a short activity, but if itContinue reading “My favorite activity on the CELTA course – a successful lead in activity”