Tina tp 1 vocab

From Evernote: Tina tp 1 vocab 1.56 Introduced herslef and asked ss round th eroom to introduced themselves ans say why they rare learning English Short game taboo? Anyone know? Invited ss to explain Katerina explained very well T will give u a picture to describe and the rest will guess Instructions againfor. Tigrana ndnikosContinue reading “Tina tp 1 vocab”

Natasha tp 1 intermediate

From Evernote: Natasha tp 1 intermediate 2.43 Introductions T gave ss handout and two minutes ot discuss iirs and come up with a definition of language 2.44 Feedback and correction language is vs the language is one of th ess asked Showed them alternative defitnition. Task two individually to Ss to mow complete spidgram indivigualluyContinue reading “Natasha tp 1 intermediate”