CuePrompter in your TP’s

CuePrompter in your TP’s   The Online Teleprompter

Click on the title of this post to read Ozge Karaoglu’s post on how to use CuePrompter with your learners

Ozge describes some cool uses of this free online tool for your learners but it occurs to me that for new teachers and for those of you who have trouble remembering your lines, your concept checking questions, or a set of instructions and their ICQs which your tutors have advised you to script and rehearse, this might be a great tool.

Write out your lines, copy and paste in the CuePompter and press Start! 

Try it!  It might not suit everyone but might be a lifesaver for someone! 

Published by Marisa Constantinides

I train TEFL teachers at CELT in Athens Greece and online - our main courses are Cambridge CELTA and Delta. I interact with educators from all over the world through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and through blogging

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